[Infographic] Remove Paint in 4 Simple Steps

This info-graphic titled ‘Remove Paint in 4 simple steps’ provides us an outline of 4-step procedure to remove paint.

If you want to go for repainting your metal hardware or furniture or you’re trying to clean the mistakes of a sloppy painter, removing paint from metal can seem like a task. The reason why it is such a hectic work is that paint really bonds well with all metals. Fortunately, while it’s not necessarily an amusing job, removing paint from metal is entirely doable if you have time, patience, and the correct tools. And then the glossy results are well worth the effort.

While opting for the methods to remove paint from the metal surfaces, one should know about the type of paint which has been applied on the surface. Paint types such as oil, emulsion, and enamel can be remove easily from metal, while epoxy and acrylic can take more time and efforts. So, it is advisable to use acidic and chemical solutions only on hard paints.

For more information, please refer to the info-graphic below.

Remove Paint in 4 simple steps

Remove Paint in 4 simple steps

This infographic is presented by Tikko Stone Care Solutions, specialist in facade cleaning & restoration, graffiti removal, patio & brick cleaning,  and algae removal London.

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