[Infographic] 5 Handy Methods to Remove Paint from Masonry

This info-graphic titled ‘5 handy methods to remove paint from Masonry’ provides us an overview of paint removing methods.

Normally you would need to contact a specialist that have the correct tools for the job of paint removal from bricks. It can be a challenge to take away paint from brick without causing damage. Your best bet is to apply a coat of removing gel or paste with fabric strips. The process involves saturating a soft fabric with the gel, then placing it all over the brick. Allow the product to stand as long as the manufacturer suggests, then when you peel off the cloth—the paint should peel away along.

In most of the aspects though, it would actually be simpler to keep the texture and repaint to refresh the property. For only a relatively small surface area, paint stripper is the cheaper and easier method to remove the masonry paint. Brick, render and concrete are all absorptive mineral based surfaces. The major problem with trying to remove masonry paint from stonework is that often residual chemicals are left behind. This can be solved by method of neutralization. However, Some methods may not need neutralizing agents, just a thorough rinse down thereafter.

For more information, please refer to the info-graphic below.

5 handy methods to remove paint from Masonry

[Infographic] 5 handy methods to remove paint from Masonry

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