[Infographic] How to Remove Indoor Graffiti?

This info-graphic titled ‘how to remove indoor graffiti?’ provides us an overview of removing graffiti inside our homes and offices.

Indoor graffiti may be established by businesses moving to new premises that have been left vacant for a period and since become targets for acts of vandalism. Rather than tagging and elaborating murals, however, graffiti can simply be words and phrases written in permanent markers, sometimes written innocently by kids. When graffiti strikes it is best to remove it within 24 to 48 hours. Studies show that the best graffiti prevention strategy is immediate dismissal.

The first step is to ensure the surfaces are clean and free from anything that will interfere with or affect the adhesion of the materials to be applied. The loose and failing material can be removed by scraping with a stiff bristle brush to a sound edge. Then go for priming and sealing these surfaces.

For more details, refer to the info graphic below.

[Infographic] How to Remove Indoor Graffiti?

[Infographic] How to Remove Indoor Graffiti?

This infographic is presented by Tikko Stone Care Solutions, specialist in facade cleaning & restoration, graffiti removal, patio & brick cleaning,  and algae removal London.

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